About us

The Educargas Transitários, Lda. was born in 2001, fruit of the dedication and will of its general manager – Eduardo Jorge Francisco. Our main objective consists in always to provide the better conditions of logistic transport and making to grow the enterprise group where he inserts yourself.

Today, the Educargas developed its know-how in the direction of will give the better solutions of transport for movement of goods from and for any part of the world.

Empathy, efficiency and dedication are the keywords of this team that intends to provide, to all our customers, the better solutions of logistic and transport.

We establish, in some destinations and origins, the better partnerships with sanctioned agents and ship-owners, who guarantee the appropriate and necessary support to our services.

We intend to widen more and more our market and make that the Educargas be a reference company, because the satisfaction of our customer is the key of our success!


Develop and commercialize solutions of transportation and logistics at national and international level, with efficiency and quality, guaranteeing the creation of value and the satisfaction of our customers and partners, and the sustainability of the business.


We work every day to be a company with a differentiated service and a reference in the sector of transportation and logistics, regarding the quality and the price. We present solutions to our customers that make it possible to our customers its internationalization, as well the import and export of goods for and from any part of the world.


To fulfill its mission, the Educargas has the follow fundamental values:

  • Customer orientation;
  • Efficiency;
  • Commitment;
  • Reliance;
  • Attitude;
  • Ambition.


With the same dedication and experience acquired along these years, it is with a huge pleasure that I thank to our customers, who are the reason we are here. In the life everything is possible if we will be fair and honest, but for such it is the necessary always to believe in our potential and work hard for more later to harvest the fruits.

Eduardo Jorge Francisco


Luís FranciscoAdministrador
  •  +351 939 294 000
Ricardo RaeiroConsultor de seguros
  •  +351 918 727 716
Eduardo JorgeDiretor geral
  •  +351 219 491 412
  •  +351 939 491 410
Rogério MoreiraOperacional externo
  •  +351 939 291 070
Marta FranciscoDiretora financeira
  •  +351 219 491 414
  •  +351 939 491 414
Luis SilvaGestor de tráfego
  •  +351 939 291 020
Cristina TeixeiraOperacional
  •  +351 219 491 413
  •  +351 939 491 413
Eduardo DavidOperacional
  •  +351 219 491 411
  •  +351 939 293 050
Sérgio HilárioComercial
  •  +351 219 491 415
  •  +351 939 491 415


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